• Developer Graduation & Final Showcase

  • Congratulations to all 300+ developers for completing the 8-week 2020 STEM League Developer Program! All Developer final projects will be showcased in the Final Showcase tab. We will have a pre-recorded Graduation Ceremony on Friday where we will be announcing all students who have successfully completed the program with us, share their projects, and closing notes from your mentors!

  • To Student and Families: We hope you take your newfound coding skills and continue learning & teaching others :)

    Our curriculum will be accessible for free on Youtube Channel, however our program assignments/activities will not be avaliable until a future offering of the program. Thank you for your understanding.

Co-Founders Spotlight

  • What motivated you to start the Developer Program?
    Christin: Well as most of you all know from the How to Start A Club Talk, STEM League started out as my high school club. Elizabeth and I had so much fun with the club that we wanted to do a coding program for STEM League back in 2018 but never found the time to do it. However, this year we found the opportunity to launch the Developer Program and we were so excited & happy to have finally accomplished our goal, thank you to you guys!

    Sophia: Many students struggle to locate a platform that merges various resources for coding, and access readily support that clarify misconceptions and reinforce coding concepts. STEM League Developer Program strives to deliver the mission of providing the bridge to learning and studying coding effectively. Part of finding success in your tech journey is surrounding yourself with people who want to support you and are passionate about growing their coding skills! 😇

    Elizabeth: I'm lucky I got to attend STEM camps and programs in high school. I am also a college TA and I’ve taught Intro to Java and Python at UW Seattle this past year. I really enjoy teaching and crafts so it seemed inevitable that the idea of starting STEM League would be super fun - and it turns out it was such a great learning experience and I am so thankful to learn from all our talented, creative developers!

    Advice for students/developers about learning CS?
    Christin: Don’t compare yourself with others! I’ve been on that path and it’s so miserable. Just be happy with you and strive to improve yourself (professionally, academically, personally, and/or physically) each day. Help others if you have the capability and make sure to give back to the community and be grateful! CS can be overwhelming but take it one step at a time, and eventually you will end up where you need to be :)

    Sophia: Many ideas you want to implement in your projects may have already been tackled, you can locate your resources on a variety of coding platforms. Everyone is learning at different experience levels and ages; I took an Intro to Python class in middle school, however I did not start picking up coding again until this year. Lastly, you always have a community of people who are in the same situation as you, and many people who want to help others out. Ask questions cause many people may have the same questions as you do! 😉

  • Elizabeth: Take a break, and you may just solve your own bug for yourself. Ask questions. Practice, practice, practice. Some people may act like they are natural coders, but coding is not a race, it’s a learning process. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Would you rather get stuck for 2 hours or ask and unblock yourself from a coding problem?

    When/how did you get into tech?
    Christin: I got into tech in the summer of my sophomore year in high school when I attended the Microsoft DigiGirlz Camp (one-week). I enrolled in the AP Computer Science class in the fall and due to the difficulty of the class, I went on to search for coding programs to help me fill in the gap of my tech knowledge. From there, I went on to do tech internships and compete in hackathons and had a really good time learning/exploring more :)

    Sophia: Since I was a young kid, I have always been affected by accessibility, and wearable technology has supported me in my education, assisting me with hearing instructions more clearly in the classroom. This summer I participated in the AI4ALL program focused on accessibility in data science and machine learning, and discussed the importance of understanding impactful technology decisions and addressing diverse communities, including people with disabilities and enabling them to utilize products.

    Elizabeth: I initially wanted to study bioengineering in college. But I was accepted to Google Computer Science Summer Institute which gave me an early exposure to coding before I started freshman year of college. I also was lucky to be able to take a Data Programming class in my second year of college which inspired me to make various projects. Since then I’ve written various articles about my journey in CS :) I believe CS is a big tool to make crafts + bring ideas to reality, it’s challenging but rewarding to be studying a highly explorative and exciting field of study. I encourage all developers to continue exploring STEM opportunities after this program.

    What's your favorite part about studying tech/engineering?
    Christin: I love how tech/engineering is super applicable to everyday life and very open-ended so I can be creative with it! You will never get bored with studying tech/engineering :)

    Sophia: Tech has redirected how people make choices in their daily lifestyles and routines. With the variety of tech applications, you grow your analytical mindset and problem solving skills through approaching different obstacles.

    Elizabeth: Computer Science is a kind of art where code is like your paint. The future is moving to tech, so migrating our creativity into coding will help you stay on the edge of innovation in your future career!

    Fun Fact
    Our Initials spell CSE, Christin, Sophia, Elizabeth (Computer Science & Engineering)! 🤯🤩

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